Our Tents

Our tipis have recently been upgraded for the 2015 summer season. They are 2.7m tall in the centre and have a diameter of 4.5m. That's tall enough to stand, move around, get changed and have a great night's sleep.
The following options are available.
Tent only   Our lead in category - tent and groundsheet with fitted coconut matting.  Although you can fit more, we wouldn't recommend more than three or four people for this option.  Don't forget your sleeping bags and creature comforts.
Furnished   Pay a little more for that added comfort.  Our furnished options use the same tents, groundsheets and coconut matting as above but include a memory foam mattresses, sheets and bedding and portable lamps, as well as some water for the morning.  Our furnished option can be ordered as a double, twin or triple.
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